Booking Workshops

The consultation and workshops B.E.C.K. provides are specifically designed for building on and enhancing organizational diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) skill sets.

Building through Education & Community Knowledge – B.E.C.K. offers half and full day workshops which uniquely guide and build upon each organizational mission and vision towards reaching their best practices, strategic development markers and advancement forward in equity for transgender and non-binary clients, patrons, services users and employees. B.E.C.K. facilitators are leading the way in first voice best practices for transgender and non-binary human rights, policies, ethics, guidelines, research and care.

We meet each organization, board, school, committee, director, management and staff team where they are in their learning goals.

Booking a workshop is a multi-stage process which includes answering preliminary questions and a 30 minute organizational interview previous to receiving a booking confirmation and memorandum of understanding (MoU) agreement.


Half day workshop $2500.00  (sliding scale available)

Full day workshop $4000.00  (sliding scale available)

Two – three day workshops and  multi- speaker conference planning is available.


Mx. Behc Jax-Lynx, Owner & Director

Building through Education & Community Knowledge – B.E.C.K.


Phone: 613-818-0443